Today…ten years ago…Happy birthday son!!!

Ten years and few hours ago our life was changed by you.

Your dad and I keep saying you’re the sky where our suns shines bright and happy!

Happy happy happy birthday my dear son!

Your little hand has grown up in mine while walking on this journey. Hope this journey will always be surprising, full of excitements, laughters and joy…I’ll always have paper tissues ready for any tear , because I’m Mom.

Love you deeply♥


Kayak lover (thanks to Michele, the pastry chef)

Funny happy cute faces 😀


2 Responses to “Today…ten years ago…Happy birthday son!!!”

  1. accantoalcamino

    Anch’io oggi compio gli anni!!!! Auguronissimi Alessio ♥♥♥

  2. fabiglutenfree

    Libera I saw you celebrated your birthday happily. Hope this week starts with the same joy and less rain 😉

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