Who am I???

Mumble…mumble…mumble…my very first post starts with a question…I love questions, I think that one must start worrying where there are no more questions…one can even recycle answers, but questions must be thought over…

I’m Fabi – Fabipasticcio, I am not a photographer, nor an artist, nor a chef, neither a food blogger, I’m just an absolute beginner in all those fields I love, I am an environmental biologist, a mum and a wife and the idea is to write about my gluten free and cow milk free adventures in my kitchen and elsewhere….

Happy reading, then!

Ricotta flan with sauce of berries (recipe from Casa Alice, which I made gluten free,  cow milk free!, recipe will follow)

Books…my love♥

Venice…the city I moved to years and years ago for only one reason: love

Travels…Resia Lake, Curon Venosta Italy

Biedermeier for dummies…that’s for me


2 Responses to “Who am I???”

  1. accantoalcamino

    Fabi, ailoviutumach 🙂 ♥♥♥

  2. kddidit

    The combination of images and text is quite animating!

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